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Start realizing your control and automation goals today!

In today's competitive environment companies must look to innovative ideas and proven technology to remain viable. Since 1980 Energy Management Consultants has seen the landscape of energy management evolve, and we have been at the forefront of helping companies transform with it. Whether your needs are a turnkey controls solution or you need a partner to lead in the design, procurement, and installation of complete energy management solutions, EMC is the leading choice for reliable controls system deployment.

  1. Retail Outlets and Superstores - Energy costs cut dollars straight out of the bottom line of retail operations. Every dollar saved on energy costs is realized immediately. To ensure the success of an Energy Management program a complete 360° approach must be taken to evaluate the unique needs of your business. EMC has tailored solutions for nationwide retailers that allow them to realize their energy management goals by implementing the best combination of lighting, hvac, and refrigeration controls systems available.

  2. Retail Grocers - Today's grocery store is a changing marketplace that evolves with customer needs. One thing has remained constant though, the need to control overhead cost and improve efficiencies in refrigeration, hvac, and lighting systems. We have the best products available today you need to achieve the maximum amount of efficiency and energy management now.

  3. Distribution Warehouses - Warehouses can realize great savings by implementing energy management systems. Due to the size of warehouses even small improvements in lighting and hvac control have a large positive net effect on your bottom line. Our experienced team has a proven plan to transform your warehouse facilities into efficient, managed environments.

  • Customized solutions tailored to fit your needs.
  • Efficient and reliable project management.
  • Consistent quality service.
  • Superior product knowledge and technical support.
  • And much more
EMC's client extranet can provide it's customers with information they need 24 hours a day.
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