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Collaboration ensures success!
Draw upon our experience to utilize over twenty years of controls implementation knowledge to ensure a successful project.

Whether it is your first system installation or you are a replacing an existing system our system design team has the knowledge and expertise to architect your system to deliver the maximum amount of return on investment. With a professionally designed system you can avoid cost overruns from unnecessary change orders from unplanned system considerations.

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Does it make sense to change out my old energy management system for new technology or get my entire organization on a similar system? You don't have to be alone when asking these or any related questions. EMC has extensive retrofitting experience that you can benefit from to avoid known pitfalls when determining the best course of action.

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Would you like your system to have remote access communication or are you interested in putting your controls on an existing LAN or WAN to facilitate communication and monitoring. If so we have the right talent to experience to design a controls and controller communications plan that fits into your existing infrastructure or by creating a new segregated network.

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